One BPM - Profiting from Process


At One BPM we take pride in the quality of our services, it is fundamentally important to us. Experience has shown us that clients want a flexible approach to services, so we have broken our services into their component parts meeting a range of requirements from the very small to the very big.

Service delivery with confidence

Before we start we deliver you a Service Work Package, describing the nature of the work, the tasks and deliverables. On completion we provide a Closure Report describing follow-on actions, post-review and lessons-learned.

Partner Services

Our services are designed to be used by Clients, Partners and other Consultants.


Service Components

Process Capture

One BPM will design your process ensuring that everyone in your organisation is mapping to consistent standards.

  • Process design
  • Process capture
  • a. Onsite live workshops
  • b. Transformation of process drawings between formats

Process Analysis

Our Activity Based Costing has been used to analyse the impact of introducing a new service.

  • Identification of underperforming process
  • Root cause analysis
  • Activity Based Costing performing analysis on your behalf in order to provide an accurate assessment of the costs, benefits and impact associated with performing a particular task project or change

Head Start Products

One BPM has developed a library of products of pre built content.

  • Quality Standards Manual – a quality approach
  • User Guides
  • Map templates and style guides


One BPM will work alongside you to develop your BPM capability.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Design
  • Research – short listing – carrying out research to your requirements into BPM software, systems, and suites
  • Product testing and assessment
  • Product selection
  • Product implementation
  • Support
  • Training
  • Road map development

BPM Applications


  • Secure web based BPM suite
  • Set up & Managed service
  • Training


  • A range of process courses